Shroom Gummie Bears USA

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10 pieces per package.
250mg of Mexican cubensis per gummie.
Flavors: Lemon, Strawberry, Orange, Cherry, Blue Raspberry

Key Benefits & Dosage Information
● Enhance your mood, clarity, and boost your creativity.
● Treats conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Alcoholism, Addiction, Mood Disorders, ADD/ADHD, PTSD and OCD.
● Non GMO, preservative free, gluten free natural gelatin gummies.
● Recommended dose is two gummies per week, or one every 2-3 days

Buy Shroom Gummie Bears of mixed flavours online from Microdose Mushrooms California and get a safe discreet delivery home. First, this Shroom Gummie Bears will unleash the power of your mind, memory, and cognitive function. Also, each capsule contains one precise 250mg microdose of Mexican magic mushrooms. Besides, Mexican psilocybin mushroom is famous for its cognition boosting, mental clarity inducing effects. These fun little Shroom Gummie Bears are an excellent way to introduce a microdosing protocol that works for you. Moreover, all of our products have been rigorously tested for efficacy and potency to ensure a reliable and repeatable magic mushroom microdosing experience.


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